A Day In The Life Of An Oculoplastic Surgeon

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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an oculoplastic surgeon looks like? What about a plastic surgeon that specialises in the area around your eyes? These are doctors that are trained in plastic surgery in the eye area.

Dr Nick Koutroumanos is a London-based Oculoplastic Surgeon. Here is a quick look at what he treats and what his daily schedule may look like.

What an Oculoplastic Surgeon Treats

Dr Koutroumanos targets the area around your eyes. Plastic surgery is not just about how you look. This kind of surgery can be the solution for many medical ailments. Eye surgery can help treat teary eyes and blocked tear ducts. Sometimes eyelids can become misshapen because of other illnesses. Eyelid surgery may address these conditions. Oculoplastic surgeons can also treat cataracts and perform reconstructive surgeries around the eyes.

Dr Koutroumanos is a specialist in addressing cosmetic concerns. Some common cosmetic eye surgeries are brow lifts and eye bag removal. He is also trained to inject fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections around the eye area. Dr Koutroumanos has received praise from his patients for their quick recovery times and results from eye bag removal.

He will also spend some of his time meeting with patients and making plans for treatment. The other part of his time is spent in surgery. Dr Koutroumanos splits his time between his private practice clinic, London Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Plastics, and working for the National Health Service.

Clinic Days

Pre-Op Consults

Before any kind of surgery can take place, Dr. Koutroumanos will get to know you and the reasons for your visit. He will ask about your medical history and any pre-existing conditions.

He’ll also ask about your desired outcome after surgery. The goal is that your ideas align with Dr Koutroumanos’s practices and that any concerns between both parties are addressed.

Before proceeding with any treatments, you’ll also receive a full eye exam. This is so Dr Koutroumanos can decide what procedures are best suited for your wishes and to rule out any reasons that surgery may not be suitable. You’ll have some clinical photos taken as a reference. Then you and Dr Koutroumanos will develop a plan for treatment.

Dr Koutroumanos’s private practice is based out of The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, and he sees his NHS patients at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead.

Minor Procedures

These surgeons can do minor procedures like Anti-Wrinkle Injections or filler placement. Typically these kinds of appointments will be set for a time that Dr Koutroumanos is in the clinic rather than the operating room.

Post-Op Appointments

Dr Koutroumanos also follows up with patients after their operation. He’ll remove sutures and bandages and check to see how patients are healing. He may ask how you’re feeling, how the healing process is going, and if any problems have come up since the surgery. Dr Koutroumanos takes special care to check in with parents of young children since one of his specialties is paediatric oculoplastic surgery. He will also check in at this stage to gauge your reaction to the procedure. This is another chance for you to ask any questions you still have about your surgery or recovery.

Operation Days

Each day spent in the surgery bay will look different depending on what procedures are scheduled. Dr Koutroumanos employs two secretaries full-time and works with other medical professionals on operation days. He regularly works with Dr. Camilla Davies as his anaesthetist.

Before each procedure, Dr Koutroumanos checks in with his patients. He’ll ask how you’re feeling and explain the procedure once more. He may also draw some pre-operative markings and go over his expectations for your surgery. On the day of surgery, Dr Koutroumanos will make sure you are comfortable and understand the procedure he’s about to perform.

Surgeries last for different amounts of time depending on how complex they are. Simple procedures might be done in under an hour. Complex procedures can take much longer. If it is safe and called for, it may be possible to combine several procedures into one session.

Dr Koutroumanos specialises in many areas of ophthalmologic surgery. He is an expert in complex tear-duct surgery for paediatric patients and is practiced in reconstructive eyelid and upper facial surgery. Dr Koutroumanos has also been praised for his skills in aesthetic rejuvenation and cosmetic eye surgeries.

Training Others

Dr Koutroumanos also trains other young professionals. He leads a fellowship program that trains surgeons from all over the world. These fellows observe under Dr Koutroumanos’ leadership to better understand this field. He is also a trainer and Royal College Examiner for ophthalmologic plastic surgery, cataract surgery, and general ophthalmology.

If you are in need of the services of Dr Koutroumanos or are interested in learning more about what a day in the life looks like for him, contact our office and set a time to meet.

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