5 Benefits Of Getting Eyelid Surgery

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Are you considering eyelid surgery? Dr Nick Koutroumanos has performed many procedures and specialises in eyelid, eye socket, and peri-ocular surgeries. Eyelid surgeries have many benefits, from an improved field of view to a refreshed, youthful appearance.

Here’s an overview of five benefits of professionally done eyelid procedures:

1. Improved Field of Vision

Droopy eyelids are part of ageing. The muscles lifting your upper eyelid naturally become weak gradually, with changes too subtle to notice. Over time, the drop grows and can get in the way of your vision. Eyelid procedures like blepharoplasty can improve your field of vision if sagging eyelids are getting in the way. Most people who consider droopy eyelid surgeries seek cosmetic improvements, but the procedure primarily results in functional benefits.

If you have hereditary sagging eyelids, the droops can become more pronounced. Some cases are so severe they block or restrict vision. Try pushing your eyebrows up using your thumb. If this gives you a better field of vision, an upper eyelid lift could be a beneficial long-term solution. Dr Nick Koutroumanos can can perform upper blepharoplasty to remove the excess eyelid tissue and restore your normal field of vision.

2. Youthful, Rested Look

Saggy eyelids are mostly a sign of aging. Eyelids become droopy when the amount of collagen drops, which happens more rapidly as you age. Collagen is a natural protein responsible for making the skin firm. Some people may develop droopiness in their 20s or 30s due to genetics. If saggy eyelids make you appear aged, sleepy, or tired, upper blepharoplasty can improve the look. We can get rid of droopy eyelids to restore your youthful appearance.

The procedure removes excess fat and skin that cause your eyelids to sag. After surgery, you’ll look more rested and alert. People who are genetically predisposed to droopy eyelids can benefit from surgery. You can also consider blepharoplasty to fight the effects of aging and achieve a refreshed appearance. Our surgeon is experienced in upper and lower blepharoplasty, so you can get rid of under-eye bags.

3. Convenience and Confidence

Dr Nick Koutroumanos can help you eliminate excess fat, skin, bags, and dark circles from your eyes. If you’re self-conscious about saggy eyelids, it can affect your daily routine and interactions. Our surgeon can eliminate the nagging discomfort to give you an amazing appearance. Eyelid surgeries will improve your look, naturally restoring your confidence for better social interactions.

Eyelid procedures also make it easier to apply and remove makeup. The surgery removes the excess skin that causes folds and is more effective than Anti-Wrinkle Injections. You’ll need less time in front of the mirror trying to blend in the fine lines using other tricks. Blepharoplasty offers long-term results, so you can forget about drooping eyelids for several years. Our surgeon will customise the procedure to give you the best results.

4. Offers Minimal Scarring

Eyelid surgeries are minimally invasive and involve tiny incisions. Dr Nick Koutroumanos will hide the incisions behind the natural folds of your eyelids. The scarring is minimal and heals fully after surgery, becoming virtually unnoticeable. If you want to get rid of droopy eyelids without leaving scars behind, blepharoplasty is among your top options.

After you heal from surgery, the scars will be minimal and your eyes will have a natural, youthful appeal. Blepharoplasty also diminishes the number of fine lines around the lower eyelids and outer corners. Our surgeon can get rid of dark circles and reposition fat to create a natural appearance. Simply follow all post-surgery care for maximum healing.

5. Customisation & Cosmetic Creativity

Procedures like blepharoplasty allow you to enjoy more freedom with your cosmetic creativity. Working with droopy eyelids may restrict you to specific make-up shades as you struggle to mask the folds and lines. After your surgery, you can try everything from a smoky eye to colorful eyeshadows. You’ll have more space to work with and don’t have to worry about excess skin and folds getting in the way.

Eyelid surgeries are also customised to your needs and involve subtle improvements that look natural. Our surgeon can perform multiple procedures as part of comprehensive treatment to improve your overall appeal. Droopy eyelids often accompany other conditions that can be improved during treatment. We can perform brow lifts and other procedures to help you have a complete result.

Trustworthy Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can improve your appearance and field of vision for years to come. Dr Nick Koutroumanos has years of experience and specialises in detailed, customised eyelid procedures. He can also perform eye socket and peri-ocular surgeries, so you’ll be in great hands.

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