Upper Blepharoplasty Gallery

Here are a small selection of our before and afters. During your consultation with Dr Nick Koutroumanos, you will be shown more before and afters.

Bilateral upper blepharoplasty

This patient underwent a Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty and we also performed subtle sculpting of the Orbicularis and brow fat, addressing outer brow heaviness. This minor surgery delivers refreshed and brightened up eyes.


Upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia

A wonderfully simple example of the power of upper blepharoplasty in addressing the outer heaviness without the need for brow lifting. And at six weeks, an imperceptible scar.

This patient underwent an upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia.


Upper blepharoplasty with fat redistribution

Key factor in any cosmetic intervention: Listen to what your patient wants.

Removing skin from the upper eyelid is easy but restoring the eyes shape to exactly what your patient demands, less so.

In this case, our goal was: symmetric eyelid show and fullness, removal of excess eyelid folds on the left, and to strictly retain the upper eyelid fullness which had always defined our patient’s beautiful eye shape.

This patient underwent a qualitative upper blepharoplasty with fat redistribution under local anaesthesia, and both of us are delighted with her outcome and feel it is mission accomplished.


Upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia

Downtime, in surgeons’ talk, means the average length of time after surgery before patients can resume most of their normal activities. It does not mean the time it will take to go from the before image showed here to the after.

I feel it is important to show prospective patients that the process of healing after eyelid surgery involves a journey, sometimes of a few weeks, characterised by a fair amount of bruising, swelling and visible scars.

Though most are lucky to look amazing within a week, one should embark on surgery expecting this journey as this will mean a much less stressful recovery period.

Ask your surgeon direct questions about what you should expect during the recovery period, based on your specific case and surgical plan.

Thank you to our patient for sharing his journey. Before, at one week and six weeks after upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia.


Bilateral upper blepharoplasty

This patient underwent a Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasty. Though nothing is ever guaranteed in surgery, the expectation really should be that the blepharoplasty scar will disappear.

If during your assessment there is suspicion that this may not happen, surgery should be avoided.

Us surgeons should be doing more to show the progress of these scars, because they do not disappear in two weeks.

There are two ingredients to ensure good healing: precise surgery and patients that closely heed our post-surgery instructions. Both are equally crucial.

Here is a fresh example of an upper blepharoplasty incision at one week and then at four weeks. We will update with a final recovery image in a few months.


Bilateral upper blepharoplasty

The textbook approach to a case like this, where there is significant drooping of the brow, is to combine brow lift surgery with upper blepharoplasty.

The idea is that with a blepharoplasty alone, only removing the amount of skin needed to tidy the eyelid would otherwise further pull the brow down.

In the real world however not all patients want, or can have a brow lift and those cases require fine balancing.

This patient of ours was seeking minimal surgery, quick downtime and no visible incision lines for any length of time.

I loved this case as it nicely highlights the power of blepharoplasty in natural facial rejuvenation and functional improvement.


Upper eyelid lift

Nothing makes our day brighter than seeing our postoperative patients return with this kind of secret smile in their eyes.

Eye rejuvenation really seems to be the cornerstone of facial rejuvenation.

This patient underwent an upper blepharoplasty; a minor intervention which when done tidily delivers tons of brightness, youth and confidence.


Upper & lower eyelid lift plus treatment for watery eyes

The majority of our male patients express one main surgical wish: Subtlety.

Technically, this means a few things, but mostly it ‘s about:

  • Completely scarless surgery
  • Staying true to age
  • Avoiding feminisation of the brows

For this reason, brow lifting is often not desirable unless the position is very low.

Here is an example of natural upper and lower blepharoplasty, before surgery and at the one-week review.

Our patient also suffered watery eyes due to lower eyelid laxity and this was simultaneously addressed with lateral canthal tightening leading to full resolution of these symptoms.

Over the following couple of weeks, any residual bruising and swelling will also settle.


Upper eyelid lift

Here is a case of a successful interior designer who initially saw us reporting dissatisfaction with upper eyelid heaviness. Very well informed about his aims and objectives and certainly on the younger end of our spectrum of patients, he was after a light touch, natural looking opening up of his upper eyelid heaviness, while showing absolutely no evidence of surgery.

In the after image, six weeks later, we both felt that mission was very much accomplished!

The magic in blepharoplasty surgery in the detail: Super precise interventions leading to significantly more youthful appearance with zero evidence of any intervention having taken place.


Upper eyelid lift

Dr Nick Koutroumanos prides himself on his natural outcomes and rapid recovery.

Here’s a guide to what you can expect in the first few weeks after an Upper Blepharoplasty.

Click through to see our patient immediately after surgery, one week after and three weeks after surgery.


Upper blepharoplasty

The eyes are our face’s main aesthetic unit. It is what defines us the most. Aesthetic eye surgery is all about retaining one’s identity. Expect a younger, fresher version of yourself with absolutely no signs of surgery.

Make sure to see a specialist surgeon who will work with you to clearly define your goals.

This patient of ours came with clear expectations of wanting to retain her attractive upper lid fullness. She underwent a volume-preserving upper eyelid blepharoplasty and achieved exactly that, with a fresher, less tired version of herself.


Upper blepharoplasty

The ABC of our approach to upper blepharoplasty:

  • Still look like yourself
  • Natural results
  • Zero signs of surgery

Typically, a small procedure with a big effect as this upper blepharoplasty patient exemplifies.


Upper eyelid lift

Dr Nick Koutroumanos enjoys looking after detail-oriented individuals seeking specific alternations to their eyes, requiring minute surgical adjustments.

The precision required and the results that can be achieved are gratifying.

This patient visited us in London specifically desiring a symmetric upper eyelid show, without any evidence of surgery or the loss of her ethnic eyelid characteristics.

We carried out a right upper eyelid crease lowering and left sided blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia, and we are both delighted with her outcome.

In aesthetic eye surgery, even small changes can make a great difference.


Upper & lower eyelid lift

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is a timeless option for addressing concerns that affect you. Our approach to surgical planning is always individualised and considers your age and specific requirements.

We understand that male patients particularly value natural-looking outcomes, and we are committed to ensuring that no traces of surgery are ever evident. Here’s one of our recent patients, a busy professional, who had been grappling with the frustration of sagging and puffy eyelids. Despite putting off the decision for quite some time, he ultimately opted for treatment.

The results, presented here at 3-weeks post-surgery, have exceeded his expectations, leading to a restoration of his confidence and a renewed sense of satisfaction. He has continued to improve since.

Surgery: Bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty and ptosis repair
Duration: 90 minutes


Upper eyelid lift & removal of xanthelasma

This lovely gentleman came to us to refresh his eye area by removing the xanthelasma and excess skin on his upper eyelids.

(Xanthelasma are yellowish bumps on or near the eyelids formed by cholesterol/fatty deposits that build up under the skin.)

Dr Koutroumanos performed a bilateral xanthelasma removal and upper blepharoplasty under local anaesthetic. The combined procedure took 60 minutes to complete.

A carefully constructed blepharoplasty can incorporate the fatty deposit lesions in a way that removal of the lesions and rejuvenation of the eye area, were achieved with a single procedure.


Upper blepharoplasty

Very much like rhinoplasty and aesthetic breast surgery, Upper Blepharoplasty objectives vary between patients and therefore need careful alignment prior to surgery. Talk to your surgeon about the type of eyes you wish to have and bring photographs in your younger years.

Trends in upper lid aesthetic surgery keep changing, but the only trend which matters is your own expectations.

Thank you to our wonderful patient for sharing her images.