Revision Eyelid Surgery Gallery

Here are a small selection of our before and afters. During your consultation with Dr Nick Koutroumanos, you will be shown more before and afters.

Revision ptosis surgery

Some of the most challenging (and rewarding) work we get to carry out is revision surgery following unsuccessful previous surgery.

The tissues are affected by scarring and the previous intervention, making the anatomy distorted and the surgical steps less predictable.

These cases always highlight how important (and easier) it is to get the surgery right, the first time.

This really charming young patient self-referred to our clinic after having previously undergone unsuccessful ptosis surgery, first on the left eye, then again on the right.

I carried out corrective surgery in both eyes, carrying out a left anterior approach upper eyelid lowering and right anterior levator muscle advancement.

We are both very pleased with her result and I would like to thank her for trusting me despite her having lost faith a little in the industry.


Revision blepharoplasty

This young patient of ours had undergone surgery elsewhere which resulted in asymmetric upper eyelids. A carefully designed surgical adjustment was carried out under Local Anaesthesia which provided for perfect symmetry.

Dr Nick Koutroumanos’ extensive training and experience allows him to provide precise results, whether you’re looking for a dramatic improvement, or a subtle, yet confidence-enhancing refinement.