Lower Blepharoplasty Gallery

Here are a small selection of our before and afters. During your consultation with Dr Nick Koutroumanos, you will be shown more before and afters.

Transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty to address genetic eyebags

Though very commonly the case, lower eyelid bags are not always the consequence of wear & tear and ageing.

The thin fibrous mesh (orbital septum) which keeps the fat cushions tucked inside our eye-sockets does almost always loosen with age.

However it can also be weak by design, and in these younger cases, like in this 30-year-old patient of ours, the tired appearance can have a significant effect on job interview performance, self esteem and employability.

I almost always endeavor to avoid a skin cut in this age group, in whom a scarless (transconjunctival) lower blepharoplasty can achieve rapid and natural outcomes.

Our patient has been able to avoid filler injections which I almost never favour in such cases and has achieved a long-lasting rested and healthy look with minimum downtime.


Upper & lower eyelid lift plus treatment for watery eyes

The majority of our male patients express one main surgical wish: Subtlety.

Technically, this means a few things, but mostly it ‘s about:

  • Completely scarless surgery
  • Staying true to age
  • Avoiding feminisation of the brows

For this reason, brow lifting is often not desirable unless the position is very low.

Here is an example of natural upper and lower blepharoplasty, before surgery and at the one-week review.

Our patient also suffered watery eyes due to lower eyelid laxity and this was simultaneously addressed with lateral canthal tightening leading to full resolution of these symptoms.

Over the following couple of weeks, any residual bruising and swelling will also settle.


Upper & lower eyelid lift combined

Aesthetic eyelid surgery is a timeless option for addressing concerns that affect you. Our approach to surgical planning is always individualised and considers your age and specific requirements.

We understand that male patients particularly value natural-looking outcomes, and we are committed to ensuring that no traces of surgery are ever evident. Here’s one of our recent patients, a busy professional, who had been grappling with the frustration of sagging and puffy eyelids. Despite putting off the decision for quite some time, he ultimately opted for treatment.

The results, presented here at 3-weeks post-surgery, have exceeded his expectations, leading to a restoration of his confidence and a renewed sense of satisfaction. He has continued to improve since.

Surgery: Bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty and ptosis repair
Duration: 90 minutes


Scarless lower eyelid lift

These before and after photos illustrate a no-incision (transconjunctival) lower blepharoplasty.

This technique is characterised by minimal down-time and a complete absence of any tell-tale signs of surgery.


Eye bag removal

This patient chose us for under eye bag surgical treatment wishing to avoid non-permanent treatment solutions.

Her case demonstrates the internal scarless (also known as transconjunctival) lower blepharoplasty. ⁠

This is Dr Koutroumanos’ procedure of choice for most individuals seeking under eye bag treatment where excessive skin is not part of the problem. Down time is typically no longer than one, sometimes two weeks and often very little bruising is seen. ⁠

Transconjunctival surgery is extremely safe and reveals absolutely no signs of surgery having taken place. ⁠


Eye bag removal

Following aesthetic eye surgery, it’s important for our patients to be prepared for two or sometimes three weeks of noticeable bruising and swelling. However, the majority tend to recover much faster.

We are thrilled to be able to have one of our patients share her photos before the surgery and just seven days after.

To ensure a smooth recovery, we encourage you to consult our information on the link below. And remember, when you meet Dr Koutroumanos and his team, feel free to ask any questions, no matter how obvious they may seem.